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Quality Control

Quality Control

Our products are specially designed to achieve the perfect equilibrium in quality and cost-effeteness

At A1 Plastics , we have a comprehensive set of engineering tools, rules, processes, training materials, guidelines, operating procedures and other supporting elements to make sure our products comply with all customer requirements as well as health & food safety standards.

Product safety and Quality

Keeping in view the highest standards in quality; we have developed a state of the art lab at our production facility resulting in exceptional quality standards that are being followed for our customers and partners.

Our QA department controls all products for compliance with specification to ensure that our customers get world class quality products. We do intensive evaluation of our suppliers, carrying out thorough inspection of incoming materials, monitoring production processes, and verifying the outgoing quality of our products. Our Q.C. Department is backed with advanced and fully equipped laboratory and maintain extensive links with testing and research institutes both inside and abroad. We continually invest our time and effort to do on-going research to evaluate and develop new products to meet different needs and global market trends.

Our Certifications

  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 22000

Our Quality control systems include

  • IML bucket to ensure end users that the products are genuine and enhances the outer appearance of the package
  • Computerized control of weight, weight distribution, colour and dimensions to ensure uniformity and problem free filling especially on highly sensitive filling lines, to make sure can does not crack when stacked seven high, to enhance appearance and give the end user confidence in the product
  • Embossed body and lid to ensure end users that the product is genuine
  • Monthly Service of Moulds – Perfect Outer body of the container free of any dents or watermarks, ensuring a perfectly smooth appearance
  • 100% Virgin High Molecular Raw material with option of being food and grade to ensure the containers/lid does not crack through heat, sun or stacking, if material is yoghurt / I cc ream and or food grade, then it is completely safe for packaging yoghurt/ Icc cream and food products. no sharp edges on mouth of Containers and lids and we are ensuring 100% guarantee that.
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Recent Works

A1 Plast has launched in the market with new product of IML (In Mould Labeling) for Yoghurt and Ice Cream Containers made from Polypropylene food grade raw material in the product range of 125 ml ,300 ml 500ml, 1kg, 1.8kg, 2kg, 3.8kg, 4kg,5kg,10kg Round containers with lids.