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Vision & Mission


Through the extensive achievements of our highly-committed team, we strive to become the premier choice in plastic products locally and expanding our market share by exporting and utilizing our state of the art infrastructure and product reliability. We will continue to work towards making a difference in the lives and future of our employees and our communities while advancing the success of our customers.


Our mission is to exceed the expectations of our customers by delivering fast, reliable and superior solutions that are unsurpassed by our competition. We are commitment to continually striving to improve its products & service along with an unwavering dedication to accuracy throughout the manufacturing for quality, while its friendly & accommodating staff is always ready for new challenge in order to achieve customer requirements & satisfaction.


A1 Industry Plastic Products recognizes the importance of the putting the following values into practice. These principles guide our decisions, our actions and ultimately lead to our success:

  • We ensure a safe work environment.
  • We maintain a physically safe facility and provide a workplace where employees can freely express their professional opinions, beliefs and ideas.
  • We take pride in the contributions and diversity of ideas of our team members, and Endeavour to understand each other by putting ourselves “in one another’s shoes.”
  • We inspire empowerment. We encourage problem-solving, communication and employee involvement at every level of the company. We strive to continually learn, adapt and move forward.
  • We uphold a culture of respect and dignity
  • We act in stewardship. Employees carefully manage company resources as if they were their own, and respect our customers’ time, financial investments, and the work they entrust to us.
  • We appreciate the importance of a work-life balance, and we recognize that the best balance between work, family, self, friends, and community is different for each individual. We know that a positive work-life balance drives each individual in attaining achievement and enjoyment in their daily pursuits.
  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 22000

Our Contacts

P.O.Box: 7400
Umm Al Quwain - U.A.E
Phone: +971 54 345 1673

Sales & Marketing
Phone 1: +971 56 808 6403
Phone 2: +971 56 808 6401

Our Skills

Product Design 90%
Product range 60%
Innovative 75%
A1 Plastics Industry was first established in 2006 in Umm Al Quwain - UAE.

Recent Works

A1 Plast has launched in the market with new product of IML (In Mould Labeling) for Yoghurt and Ice Cream Containers made from Polypropylene food grade raw material in the product range of 125 ml ,300 ml 500ml, 1kg, 1.8kg, 2kg, 3.8kg, 4kg,5kg,10kg Round containers with lids.